Update from France

Our founders James and Alexandra moved to France over the summer to work on the REcent harvest. I took a few minutes to Catch up with James to find out how it's going...

What vineyard are you working at? 

Chartreuse de Mougeres.

Where is it located?

Near Caux, France, in the Pezenas region. Caux is where the church Alexandra and I were married.  It’s a vineyard that used to belong to a monastery which is still there. A few years ago the monastery decided to sell the vines, and our friend Nicolas de Saint-Exupery purchased them. He lives and makes wine right next to the monastery.

What is your relationship to the vineyard?

We know the owners through Alexandra’s family. We have purchased wine with them before for our French American blends.

Who do you work with at the vineyard?

Nicolas de Saint-Exupery (owner and winemaker), and Jean-Michel his cellar hand.

What are you doing there?

Making wine! The exact process depends on the wine style, but as a basic outline we destem, crush, press and pump into a tank where yeast is added. 

What kind of grapes are they growing?

Red – Syrah, Grenache, Mourvedre, and Carignan

Rosé – Grenache

White – Sauvignon Blanc, Vermentino, Maccabeu, Muscat

How are you enjoying it?

I love it!

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