Meet Our Regions: The Wines of Languedoc & Long Island

Two distinct tastes married in one bottle. Languedoc brings historic, traditionally rich and fruity flavor to the union. The North Fork region of Long Island, with its cool climate, brings out the best in Merlot.

Languedoc: Continental France's Southernmost Region

Languedoc-Roussillon is the region of France now know as Occitanie. A hot and colorful region, it's known for its traditional full-bodied red wines. The Mediterranean Sea has shaped the grape varieties favored by vignerons. This warm, temperate area features mild winters that don't see temperatures dip below freezing.

In the late 1800s, France's middle class experienced rapid growth. Increased demand for wine resulted, and because Languedoc was such a fertile region, many vineyards in the south of France met the demand. While fortunate for vignerons, it was a disaster for the quality of Languedoc wines. The region became known for mass produced, or vin de table, wines. The rich, fruity flavor of these wines was enjoyed at prices that the middle-class masses could afford. Happily, Languedoc-Roussillon has since gone through a renaissance-like transformation. Smaller wineries began specializing in unique varietal wines, and quality returned to the region. Modern Languedoc wines have a richly complex note that their brash forebears missed.

The Maiden's Note

This beautiful regional note lingers poignantly in the French-American Red Blend. Syrah and Grenache grape varieties provide the Languedoc canvas on which this bold blend is crafted. Sauvignon Blanc brings a light, dry, fruity flavor to the French-American White Blend. You will be delighted by our French Wines that are available exclusively at our New York locations. The French Rosé is screaming with nationalism (in a subtly sophisticated French way of course). This blend of four regional varieties outdoes itself. A truly unique blend that utilizes light and aromatic characteristics of the dark Cinsault to achieve a breathtaking rosé.

What Does Liberty Give Us?

The North Fork region of Long Island for starters. Eastern wineries have historically been overshadowed by those of the Pacific Coast. Not anymore. This Atlantic region is coming into its own, especially where Merlot and Cabernet Franc is concerned. The cooler climate of Long Island makes for well-balanced reds. Maiden + Liberty is taking wine making where it has never gone before. The creative pairing of Long Island's North Fork grown Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes with those of the Languedoc region what we think a great wine should be.

Maiden + Liberty wines await you in New York. Looking for a bottle of our French-American blended whites or reds? Visit one of the locations who serve our delicious blend and celebrate with close friends. Perhaps you’re not near one of the wine stores throughout New York who sell our wines. If your a New York resident, shop our online store for our full line of French-American wines today!

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