The Art of Blending

Maiden + Liberty functions as a master artist blending paints to generate the perfect hue, except we deal in the aromas and bouquets of wines instead of colors on canvas.  As renaissance artists worked with merchants to obtain exceptional pigments from sources all over the world, we work with winemakers in France and in New York to source the perfect “colors” for our creative flavor palette.  We source batches of wines showcasing true local characters: wines that result from the perfect marriage of grape varietal, soil, climate, and winemaking processes. 

Unlike most wineries, we do not limit ourselves to producing wines from whatever a single continuous parcel of land happens to provide us: we do not believe an artist should be forced to paint with a single color.  Our expanded palette enables us to produce wines that exceed those produced from either region alone.

Why blend across regions?

Why source from regions as different as New York and the South of France? Quite simply because of the diversity of flavors they provide – the resulting combinations have complimentary and complex flavors unlike anything else available in the market today.  Grapes that do well in the hotter, drier Mediterranean climate do not thrive in the cooler, more humid maritime climate of Long Island, and vice versa.  Each region ripens grapes with distinct flavor profiles that complement, perhaps unexpectedly, those of the other region.  The result is innovative blends with flavors unlike anything found in either region alone.